Counting Our Stock With Tilltonic

We regularly get asked about stock taking with Tilltonic and why there isnt an automated way to stock take using it. On the surface of it, you wont see an obvious stock taking function, but we have customers who use Tilltonic in this way all the time, its easy. The reason we didnt build a feature directly for this purpose was that we wanted to keep the system feature light and simple but that doesnt mean you cant do some outside of the box stuff with it, you just gotta do some outside of the box thinking… We wont be giving you weekly “New Feature” updates, like the other POS companies, but we will give you these little innovations people find within the simplicity of Tilltonic, there are loads of them…

So heres how Oisin at The Back Page pub counts stock using Tilltonic…

He has a template of all his products set up on the app



On his phone or tablet he taps in his stock as he would drink sales, in this example he’s counting by the keg, rather than the pint. You could also count by the half or quarter keg.


He hits PAY when he’s got a certain product or product group counted.

He can view his counts in “REPORTS” as he counts and when he’s done he can print his count via his receipt printer or as a .CSV file from

He can compare this stock count to what his stock should be, simple as that. Its really handy as it means you can take stock using your phone and don’t need to add another app or system to your business.

Try Tilltonic today, it’s free for 30 days and you dont need a credit card to sign up.

Tilltonic, simple POS for small retailers –

Changing My Till Prices From Bed

Most POS systems offer every feature under the sun, and having used hundreds of them down through the years we know that feature rich POS systems are a head melter. We built Tilltonic to be feature light, simple and fast. We did build in some really handy tools that we knew at least we would use and as predicted, those features get used by our customers too.

One of the slickest, and one we use most in our own retail businesses, is the ability to add, remove or change a product detail remotely (bed on a Sunday morning, the beach, by the pool, or in reality – from the office) without having to go to the business location. This means we can run our retail businesses in a very nibble and reactive way, other POS systems don’t make this as easy as Tilltonic does.

Heres how to do it…

  • Log into
  • Select one of your saved Templates (or just build a new one from scratch)
  • Add some new products, or change the details on some existing ones
  • Log into the Tilltonic app on mobile or tablet with the device connected to the net
  • Hit “SYNC”
  • Open “Templates”
  • Load the template you’ve just updated on
  • There you go, your products are updated and your ready to track sales using these updates… simple
  • You can access these templates from any number of devices using the same log in details, we’ve used this feature when running big bars at festivals.




Tilltonic_-_Point_Of_Sale__POS_ 3

Movie_Recording 3


Movie_Recording 4


Movie_Recording 5


Try Tilltonic today, its free for 30 days and you dont need a credit card to sign up.

Tilltonic – Simple POS for small retailers

Tilltonic Saves The Day at The Beatyard Festival

The Beatyard music, food and games festival took place on Dun Laoghaire Pier, Dublin last August. The festival had a number of tents and kiosks selling food, clothes, trainers and drinks – Tilltonic was used at some of the bars – the festival bars manager Ian Alvey chose the system last minute after he was handed dated Casio tills that didnt cut the mustard…

Heres a run through of what happened…

Ian – “We had been working hard over the course of 10 days getting all 4 bars set up and I was told by a supplier that POS was all sorted. The morning before the (2 day) festival I was landed with Casio tills that looked like something from medieval times. I’ve been managing and working in bars for the past 14 years and Ive made do with old tills loads of times but these were beyond useless – I couldnt change prices on any items without pulling the tills apart, I couldnt view what items were rang up until I hit CASH and the receipt printed, and then I couldnt figure out how to do a refund.

by 1

The Beatyard Brewtonic Bar

I had been using Tilltonic on one of the bars I manage and made the call that evening to switch our main Brewtonic bar (4 POS units) to Tilltonic. I was hooked up with 4 iPads and printers and brought them with me the morning of the first day of the festival. We had them set up with all products and prices in no time.

We set up one till template on the cloud and pushed that to each iPad, after we sold out of some beers the first day I was able to remove them on my laptop from bed the morning of the Sunday, those changes auto synced to each iPad then, fierce handy. I had the sales data from each till in one place (the cloud) afterwards too… I use Tilltonic for all those pop up bars I run now.”

by 2

Downtime for Ian on Day 2 of The Beatyard

What is Tilltonic?

Tilltonic is a Point Of Sales (POS) system that works on tablet, and amazingly well on mobile. It means that instead of having a big clunky old till, you can now just use your phone, or tablet/iPad and have access to simple, easy to understand sales info (with more detailed info for accounts in excel). It has an incredibly user friendly interface and is extremely easy to navigate (see our tutorial videos here). It only takes 60 seconds to set up your till. Tilltonic is perfect for any small business, and is currently being used by a wide range of customers – from someone running a stall in a farmers market, to coffee shops, to wine bars, to yoga studios.

It comes available on iOS, Android, & Windows, and everything is backed up to the cloud where you can see all your analytics and stats on your sales. You can also create your tills on the cloud, so as soon as you log in to the app you are ready to go.

Why did we create Tilltonic? We run lots of events. We run lots of bars. We have LOTS of tills. We wanted a way of keeping track of what was going through all of our till systems from one place, and we wanted a till that anyone could intuitively set up, start using, or adjust without having to call someone in. We frustratingly tried dozens of POS systems, couldnt find a solid solution and thats why we built Tilltonic.

Give a go at

Tilltonic, Not a Software Company…

Hello, and welcome to the Tilltonic blog. We want to start off this blog by giving you an insight in to who we are and what we do.

Who We Are

Shane Linehan is our CEO. Shane has a natural flare for all things technical, and analytical. Shane comes from an events and retail background, and is a BOSS when it comes to project management and digital advertising.

Trev O Shea is our Founder and Chairman. Trev is the owner of the hugely successful Irish based company Bodytonic ( Bodytonic does everything from developing apps, to running music venues, to organising festivals.

Lucian Baiesan is our CTO. Lucian is the owner of the app development company Designatives (, and has years of experience in developing SaaS apps that look and feel great, but are sturdy and robust.

Ciaran Quigley is our Web Developer. Ciaran has lots of startup experience and originally comes from a customer relations background. He is our resident tester too, “test test and test again” is what he says. He is cool though.

What We Do

Our other brands
Our other brands

Well we all met through Bodytonic, our parent company. Bodytonic have been running venues, events, festivals, car boot sales, and night clubs amongst other things for over 15 years in Ireland. We currently have 5 locations around Dublin including among them The Bernard Shaw, Wigwam (formerly Twisted Pepper), The Back Page, The Square Ball & MVP. The festivals we put on include The Big Grill in Herbert Park & The Beatyard in Dun Laoghaire.

The Bernard Shaw, South Richmond Street, Dublin
The Bernard Shaw, South Richmond Street, Dublin

About 5 years ago, we decided to develop an app called Doortonic ( for counting people coming in to our gigs. We were sick of not having a dedicated, reliable way of keeping track of customers, so when we found we couldn’t  find a better way, we decided to make it ourselves.

We also made an app for signing up members to your organisation called Membertonic, its makes logging contact details on mobile really easy, you can export them to a mail client when sending out newsletters etc.

Doortonic Screenshot

So far on our Tilltonic journey, we were accepted to the Dublin based startup programme “Propeller”( This gave us an amazing start, with office space and investment of 45k. We were able to start off the process of finding out exactly how the app should work, by getting feedback, making prototypes, testing, repeating, and doing this over and over again. It was a crucial step, and has given us an amazing advantage in developing the product.

We then went to Enterprise Ireland, and applied for the Competitive Startup Fund (, which is an investment of 50k, but also a sign of approval that you are on the right track as there were tons of applications.

We now have a product that we are extremely proud of, but also lots of happy customers. This blog will include more about our journey, but also news and tutorials about Tilltonic. Feel free to get in touch at any time via

Tilltonic – Simple POS for Small Retailers