Tilltonic Saves The Day at The Beatyard Festival


The Beatyard music, food and games festival took place on Dun Laoghaire Pier, Dublin last August. The festival had a number of tents and kiosks selling food, clothes, trainers and drinks – Tilltonic was used at some of the bars – the festival bars manager Ian Alvey chose the system last minute after he was handed dated Casio tills that didnt cut the mustard…

Heres a run through of what happened…

Ian – “We had been working hard over the course of 10 days getting all 4 bars set up and I was told by a supplier that POS was all sorted. The morning before the (2 day) festival I was landed with Casio tills that looked like something from medieval times. I’ve been managing and working in bars for the past 14 years and Ive made do with old tills loads of times but these were beyond useless – I couldnt change prices on any items without pulling the tills apart, I couldnt view what items were rang up until I hit CASH and the receipt printed, and then I couldnt figure out how to do a refund.

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The Beatyard Brewtonic Bar

I had been using Tilltonic on one of the bars I manage and made the call that evening to switch our main Brewtonic bar (4 POS units) to Tilltonic. I was hooked up with 4 iPads and printers and brought them with me the morning of the first day of the festival. We had them set up with all products and prices in no time.

We set up one till template on the cloud and pushed that to each iPad, after we sold out of some beers the first day I was able to remove them on my laptop from bed the morning of the Sunday, those changes auto synced to each iPad then, fierce handy. I had the sales data from each till in one place (the cloud) afterwards too… I use Tilltonic for all those pop up bars I run now.”

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Downtime for Ian on Day 2 of The Beatyard

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