Counting Our Stock With Tilltonic

We regularly get asked about stock taking with Tilltonic and why there isnt an automated way to stock take using it. On the surface of it, you wont see an obvious stock taking function, but we have customers who use Tilltonic in this way all the time, its easy. The reason we didnt build a feature directly for this purpose was that we wanted to keep the system feature light and simple but that doesnt mean you cant do some outside of the box stuff with it, you just gotta do some outside of the box thinking… We wont be giving you weekly “New Feature” updates, like the other POS companies, but we will give you these little innovations people find within the simplicity of Tilltonic, there are loads of them…

So heres how Oisin at The Back Page pub counts stock using Tilltonic…

He has a template of all his products set up on the app



On his phone or tablet he taps in his stock as he would drink sales, in this example he’s counting by the keg, rather than the pint. You could also count by the half or quarter keg.


He hits PAY when he’s got a certain product or product group counted.

He can view his counts in “REPORTS” as he counts and when he’s done he can print his count via his receipt printer or as a .CSV file from

He can compare this stock count to what his stock should be, simple as that. Its really handy as it means you can take stock using your phone and don’t need to add another app or system to your business.

Try Tilltonic today, it’s free for 30 days and you dont need a credit card to sign up.

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