Changing My Till Prices From Bed


Most POS systems offer every feature under the sun, and having used hundreds of them down through the years we know that feature rich POS systems are a head melter. We built Tilltonic to be feature light, simple and fast. We did build in some really handy tools that we knew at least we would use and as predicted, those features get used by our customers too.

One of the slickest, and one we use most in our own retail businesses, is the ability to add, remove or change a product detail remotely (bed on a Sunday morning, the beach, by the pool, or in reality – from the office) without having to go to the business location. This means we can run our retail businesses in a very nibble and reactive way, other POS systems don’t make this as easy as Tilltonic does.

Heres how to do it…

  • Log into
  • Select one of your saved Templates (or just build a new one from scratch)
  • Add some new products, or change the details on some existing ones
  • Log into the Tilltonic app on mobile or tablet with the device connected to the net
  • Hit “SYNC”
  • Open “Templates”
  • Load the template you’ve just updated on
  • There you go, your products are updated and your ready to track sales using these updates… simple
  • You can access these templates from any number of devices using the same log in details, we’ve used this feature when running big bars at festivals.




Tilltonic_-_Point_Of_Sale__POS_ 3

Movie_Recording 3


Movie_Recording 4


Movie_Recording 5


Try Tilltonic today, its free for 30 days and you dont need a credit card to sign up.

Tilltonic – Simple POS for small retailers

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