What is Tilltonic?

Tilltonic is a Point Of Sales (POS) system that works on tablet, and amazingly well on mobile. It means that instead of having a big clunky old till, you can now just use your phone, or tablet/iPad and have access to simple, easy to understand sales info (with more detailed info for accounts in excel). It has an incredibly user friendly interface and is extremely easy to navigate (see our tutorial videos here). It only takes 60 seconds to set up your till. Tilltonic is perfect for any small business, and is currently being used by a wide range of customers – from someone running a stall in a farmers market, to coffee shops, to wine bars, to yoga studios.

It comes available on iOS, Android, & Windows, and everything is backed up to the cloud where you can see all your analytics and stats on your sales. You can also create your tills on the cloud, so as soon as you log in to the app you are ready to go.

Why did we create Tilltonic? We run lots of events. We run lots of bars. We have LOTS of tills. We wanted a way of keeping track of what was going through all of our till systems from one place, and we wanted a till that anyone could intuitively set up, start using, or adjust without having to call someone in. We frustratingly tried dozens of POS systems, couldnt find a solid solution and thats why we built Tilltonic.

Give a go at tilltonic.com

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