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Hello, and welcome to the Tilltonic blog. We want to start off this blog by giving you an insight in to who we are and what we do.

Who We Are

Shane Linehan is our CEO. Shane has a natural flare for all things technical, and analytical. Shane comes from an events and retail background, and is a BOSS when it comes to project management and digital advertising.

Trev O Shea is our Founder and Chairman. Trev is the owner of the hugely successful Irish based company Bodytonic (www.bodytonicmusic.com). Bodytonic does everything from developing apps, to running music venues, to organising festivals.

Lucian Baiesan is our CTO. Lucian is the owner of the app development company Designatives (http://www.designatives.com/), and has years of experience in developing SaaS apps that look and feel great, but are sturdy and robust.

Ciaran Quigley is our Web Developer. Ciaran has lots of startup experience and originally comes from a customer relations background. He is our resident tester too, “test test and test again” is what he says. He is cool though.

What We Do

Our other brands
Our other brands

Well we all met through Bodytonic, our parent company. Bodytonic have been running venues, events, festivals, car boot sales, and night clubs amongst other things for over 15 years in Ireland. We currently have 5 locations around Dublin including among them The Bernard Shaw, Wigwam (formerly Twisted Pepper), The Back Page, The Square Ball & MVP. The festivals we put on include The Big Grill in Herbert Park & The Beatyard in Dun Laoghaire.

The Bernard Shaw, South Richmond Street, Dublin
The Bernard Shaw, South Richmond Street, Dublin

About 5 years ago, we decided to develop an app called Doortonic (http://bodytonicmusic.com/apps/) for counting people coming in to our gigs. We were sick of not having a dedicated, reliable way of keeping track of customers, so when we found we couldn’t  find a better way, we decided to make it ourselves.

We also made an app for signing up members to your organisation called Membertonic, its makes logging contact details on mobile really easy, you can export them to a mail client when sending out newsletters etc.

Doortonic Screenshot

So far on our Tilltonic journey, we were accepted to the Dublin based startup programme “Propeller”(http://www.ryanacademy.ie/what-we-do/propeller-venture-accelerator/). This gave us an amazing start, with office space and investment of 45k. We were able to start off the process of finding out exactly how the app should work, by getting feedback, making prototypes, testing, repeating, and doing this over and over again. It was a crucial step, and has given us an amazing advantage in developing the product.

We then went to Enterprise Ireland, and applied for the Competitive Startup Fund (https://www.enterprise-ireland.com/en/funding-supports/company/hpsu-funding/competitive-start-fund-csf-.html), which is an investment of 50k, but also a sign of approval that you are on the right track as there were tons of applications.

We now have a product that we are extremely proud of, but also lots of happy customers. This blog will include more about our journey, but also news and tutorials about Tilltonic. Feel free to get in touch at any time via info@tilltonic.com

Tilltonic – Simple POS for Small Retailers www.tilltonic.com

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